Rowan College of South Jersey

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Direct Support Professional Career Pathway Fellowship

Dates: September 25 - December 20, 2023

Meets: M, W and Th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Cost: $0.00

Online registration is not available at this time. Please contact our office for more information.

Support Person: Continuing Education Staff  Phone: 856-415-2216

Direct Support Professional Training (DSP) Certificate: Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide care for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities in a number of settings including group homes, day programs, home & community-based services, and vocational rehabilitation. The Direct Support Professional (DSP) Certificate course will teach best practices for the DSP in relationship to state regulations and state-level requirements for this profession. By combining the College of Direct Support (CDS) and the NJ DSP Competencies in this in-depth course of study, the Direct Support Professional Training Course will be able to ensure that they are supporting personal autonomy, access to integrated settings, informed choices, and person-centered practices for the individuals they will serve. Training and development for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) will include regulatory and mandated topics such as Stephen Komnino's Law, Danielle's Law, Home and Community Based Settings Final Rule (HCBS), and other essential policy will be included in this training. CDS Curriculum modules will be presented during in-person classroom-based discussion and instruction that will allow the student to delve deeper into the concept material. Additionally, the CDS online assessments will be completed by students to ensure their compliance with mandatory state training for direct support professionals. Please call 856-415-2216 to register!
Fee: $0.00

Date Day Time Location
10/09/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/11/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/12/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/16/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/18/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/19/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/23/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/25/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/26/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
10/30/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/01/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/02/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/06/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/08/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/09/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/13/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/15/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/16/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/20/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/22/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/23/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/27/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/29/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
11/30/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/04/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/06/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/07/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/11/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/13/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/14/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/18/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/20/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/21/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/25/2023Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/27/2023Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
12/28/2023Thursday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
01/01/2024Monday6 PM to 9 PM TBA
01/03/2024Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM TBA


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