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Applying Lean Sigma Practices to HR Functions - Online

Dates: March 4-31, 2019

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa and Su from 12 M to 12:00 AM

Tuition: $245.00

Online registration is not available at this time. Please contact our office for more information.

Support Person: Continuing Education Staff  Phone: 856-415-2216

Develop the mindset of Lean Operational Excellence, an advanced problem solving approach that facilitates continuous improvement within the organization through the identification and elimination of waste. Lean principles can also be used to streamline processes in the human resource functions such as recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and managing performance. Find out about Lean concepts, tools, and methods with which you can benchmark and assess problems, and lead continuous improvement efforts to resolve them. After taking this course you will have an expanded capacity to facilitate small groups and teams using the Lean Process Improvement principles and methodologies to create change within your organization.
Fee: $245.00


Date Day Time Location
03/04/2019Monday12M to 12M On-Line
03/05/2019Tuesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/06/2019Wednesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/07/2019Thursday12M to 12M On-Line
03/08/2019Friday12M to 12M On-Line
03/09/2019Saturday12M to 12M On-Line
03/10/2019Sunday12M to 12M On-Line
03/11/2019Monday12M to 12M On-Line
03/12/2019Tuesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/13/2019Wednesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/14/2019Thursday12M to 12M On-Line
03/15/2019Friday12M to 12M On-Line
03/16/2019Saturday12M to 12M On-Line
03/17/2019Sunday12M to 12M On-Line
03/18/2019Monday12M to 12M On-Line
03/19/2019Tuesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/20/2019Wednesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/23/2019Saturday12M to 12M On-Line
03/24/2019Sunday12M to 12M On-Line
03/25/2019Monday12M to 12M On-Line
03/26/2019Tuesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/27/2019Wednesday12M to 12M On-Line
03/28/2019Thursday12M to 12M On-Line
03/29/2019Friday12M to 12M On-Line
03/30/2019Saturday12M to 12M On-Line
03/31/2019Sunday12M to 12M On-Line


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