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Women in Leadership (NJBIA)

Dates:August 15-17, 2023
Meets:Tu and Th from 9:00 AM to 12 N
Cost: $0.00

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Support Person: Continuing Education Staff  Phone: 856-415-2216

In the Uniteed States today, women make up half of the workforce. Unfortunately for women, their male colleagues are promoted at a much higher rate. Women offer great work ethics, and bring something different from men to the workforce, but many times it goes unnoticed. In this workshop, you will learn about how organizations can develop women leaders, about the benefits of women in organizaitons, as well as advancements for the future of women. You will learn how women in the workplace cannot only benefit the women themselves, but also your organization as well. With the Women in Leadership workshop, your participants will learn how women are changing the workforce. Through this workshop, your participants will gain a new perspective on the workforce, and what benefits can come from hiring and promoting women to higher positions. 2 sessions: 6 hrs.
Fee: $0.00


Date Day Time Location
08/15/2023Tuesday9 AM to 12 N Online
08/17/2023Thursday9 AM to 12 N Online